Monday, February 20, 2012

Standard CTPK Philippines.

Walking on Facebook, I found an image that looks like a standard CTPK, the image is of Asian Betta Alliance (ABA) from Philippines, they call hspk standard (half sun plakat). 

After finding this picture I started researching to find information about the CTPK, try entering your forum, but it's time to not get an answer.

Thanks to betta ph for letting me use this image, belonging to Asian Betta Alliance (ABA) from Philippines

I hope this help in some way in the search for CTPK.

Image- Asian Betta Alliance (ABA)


  1. Hi Crhistian,
    thanks to share the pictures with us. It will be very interesting to know if they have written a special standard for this breeding form, but the picture will show us like a perfect CTPK looks.

    Until yet we have only the Bettas4All Standard with a special ctpk standard. Joep and his friends are working for special grafics to this standard. I must ask him If I can post this standard here, or he do it. ;)


    1. Hi
      I look forward to the images of the CTPK standard of Bettas4all.
      This image explains the proportion of body and fins, whereas the standard bettas4all is more detailed reduction explains what proportion of the membrane should be and more.
      I hope you can publish here the standard bettas4all.

  2. Hi Crhistian,
    I got from Joep the OK to post this special rubrik of the Bettas4All Standard here. I will do it the next days.


  3. Hi all,
    have anybody contact to these philippine betta club? It will be great when we can post the print version of this standard
    in our ctpk blog.

    Best regards

  4. Hello !
    For information, Area 2 (the european branch of IBC) has submitted a draft for a CTPK standard.
    The CTPK is not an easy project, but they are lovely fish and I hope to see more and more of them in shows everywhere.
    ~ Claire