Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outcross Copper CTPK (Dino47)

Hi friends,
yesterday I start the first outcross of my copper ctpk line. I had the problem that I got after 5 generations no better results, specially the webbing (reduction between the Rays) in the caudal will be not good. I came forward with the anal but this is not enough for me. Because I had no copper CT female I took a black CT female which I got from Salvatore Unali (Totto) from Germany. This lady made the first place on EHBBC Show in Duisburg 2011 in his categorie.
It will be interessted what comes out. Crowntails are possible too and maybe BlackCopper.

Best wishes

Father: Copper CTPK (F5)

Mother: BlackOrchid CT female (bred by Salvatore Unali)

Red CTPK project (kiluvil) - update 25.03.2012

i make photo of another 3 males









none of them ”ideal fish” but at least one of them make me continue my work!

Best regards,

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to start a CTPK project?

Hi all,
to start a own CTPK project you can take different combinations of breeding forms.
for example:
  • CT male x HMPK or PK female
  • HMPK or PK male x CT female
I used both combinations how you can see in this blog. But you must know you need
a lot of spawns and time to create CTPK. And you need luck, too.

But I think when you have the chance to get fishes with ct or pk geno it will be a little
bit easier to start.

What Iam looking for?
When I start a new line by zero for example Iam looking for CT with strong rays and
a good quality. For HMPK or PK Iam looking for fishes with a little bit membran
reduction in the finnage or when I have background informations about the fish for
the geno of the other breeding form (HMPK with CT geno or CT with PKgeno.)

I don´t know for what the others are looking, but this are my experiences unti yet but
Iam learning more and more. What the others are thinking about that?

Best regards


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red CTPK project (kiluvil) - update

finally, i see some signs of a good direction!




4 months old, he's from a pretty small spawn, around 30 youngsters, but i hope to find some suitable boys&girls to continue this almost impossible project!
i will keep you updated!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Step forward or not?

Hi friends,
how the most are know, I have not so much time for breeding, because I get a new job in my company and have a lot of workshops on weekends and after work. So I work at the moment only with my copper ctpk´s. The last spawn was a F4 generation spawn between sisters, and Iam dissapointed for the results.
I think I make a little step forward by the quality of the anale, but specially the dorsales got not more
reduction between the rays. I think it is time for a outcross.
I will show you the picture of the father and one son, that you can build your own opinion. Hope you give me a feedback.

Best regards

Father F4 own spawn

Son F5

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Red CTPK Project from Germany

Hi all,
I will show you two youngsters of the red CTPK F3 Line from Markus Bache (Germany).
He is a good Betta friend and work still in Background on his own CTPK Projects.
The spawn get out ten betta, 3 longfin males, 2 shortfin males and 5 females. The males
on the pictures are 3 months old.
I like his work and his CTPK have a lot of potencial to work with them in the future.
My personal favorit is the second male. He is looking very good.

CTPK pictures F3 copyright by Markus Bache (Germany)#

BlackBlueLace CTPK F2 made in Germany

Hi friends,
now I will show you one of CTPK Projects from Markus Bache (Germany). He is a good Betta friend and had no time to post his projects here. But I will do this for him.

He start this line with a HMPK father (from Vodoo) and CT female (from Yothi). He give me the ok to post pictures of the F3. He told me that all spawns have only 10 fries, and the most of them were shortfins. Only two longfins are in this spawn but with very bad quality.
When you have questions I can ask him and post it here.

Best regards

pictures of F3 CTPK copyright by Markus Bache