Saturday, December 29, 2012

F2 direction

Hey guys!

I am seeing the development of my F2
There is only one male and I think he is CT

what did you guys do to produce your CTPKs?

Here are my options
1. Do an F3
2. Backcross to Mom
3. Outcross to my DTPK x CTPK-geno cross
4. Cross to an aunt/uncle

Well, I can do all four but I just want your opinion.


  1. Hello my friend,
    that can be happen. I prefer No.3. It will
    be great when you can post pictures of
    candidats. The best you take a good female
    for the outcross when you have one with
    good potencial. But when you have time and
    place I would make a F3 spawn,too. It can
    be happen that you get the first ctpk in
    this generation.
    I cross my fingers and wish you and your
    family a Happy New Year my friend.


  2. I will try to take pictures...the season has me always going out of town.
    I am still growing out my DTPK x CTPK-geno cross and is far from being spawned
    The male is a shooter but I am starting to choose potential females. I have one already.
    Thank you for your advice and Happy New Year to you too.


  3. Update:
    DTPK x ctpk-geno outcross are growing slow.
    I noticed how broad their dorsals are but no web reduction. I might not use them for my ctpk project anymore. I will just use these broad-dorsaled fish with my hmpk line.

  4. retocruzar o volver a cruzar con hmpk o pk puro

  5. retocruzar o volver a cruzar con hmpk o pk puro