Sunday, January 29, 2012

Will some of them stay short?

28/01/12: Jarred the first males of my F2.
Some clearly show shorter finnage than their sibblings......let's hope they stay short.

Many greetings,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best way to start with CTPK?

Hi all,
the latest experience from other breeder looks like that the best way to start to take a PK or HMPK female witch shows a little bit membranreduction in the finnage. On the other side you take a CT male or when you
have males (CT with Pk geno) or (PK/HMPK with CT geno). Important is a good quality in finnage and
top line. Later you have not so much problems to delete errors. What mean the other guys?



This spawn was to test Joep's hypothesis that short-finned females that already show some webbing reduction are the best fish to use in CTPK spawns.

Sire - this was the Betta of the Month 2011, bred and kindly given to me by Axel Eywill (Dino47)

Dame - bred by me, from a HMPK spawn. This female has no CT blood, but shows some webbing reduction.

The results are promising already, you can already see some webbing reduction.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Copper x CopperRed CTPK - F4 (Dino47)

Here one more spawn of my CTPK Project. I took them December together. Both are F4 generation. I hope to come forward with this line. But I have only 6 fries.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First CTPK spawn 2012

Hi all,
yesterday I started with a new spawn to make a forward step in my ctpk project. Both fishes are sisters and F4 generation. I hope to get better results like in the F4. In this moment the male take the eggs in the bubblenest.

Greetings Axel!

I made today a picture from the bubblenest 8th January 2012