Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fishes for your Project?

Hi Blog members,
I have contact to a ctpk breeder from thailand. He send me offers for ctpk pairs,
which we can order. For exact infos please send me a mail.

two samples

Best regards

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Royal Blue Random Ray CT x Copper DTHMPK (EESDA)

Royal Blue Random Ray CT x Copper DTHMPK
spawned April 28, 2012
-second spawn-
the male is a Random Ray CT (meaning there are different types of fin rays) but it is mostly single ray and some double ray...he has a web reduction of around 50%
the female is from a friend of mine who produces Symmetrical HMPK regularly...she is a fusefin DT with absolutely no sign of a split
I hope with the web reduction of the male, there will be more web reduction in the offspring. The prospect of DTCTPK is quite exciting.


Turquoise Random Ray CT x Copper HMPK (EESDA)

Turquoise Random Ray CT x Copper HMPK
spawned April 25, 2012
-first spawn for my CTPK project-

the male has different types of ray branching in his caudal: DR, DDR, Triple Ray, Single Ray
the female is from my line. she carries DT genes as well...hoping for some DTCTPK in the future

I hope the offspring will show a certain degree of web reduction (up to 20%).

Happy Betta Keeping,

Surprise Project (Dino47)

Hi all,
in January a start a special ctpk project. I went a little bit different way
like my other ctpk projects. This time I go only for finnage quality and
not colour. When I start I didn´t know what I get out, because I had
no exact background history of the male. I got the male from Malaysia
and I got only the information that he shall PK geno. I think he is not a
perfect Crowntail. For female I took a steelblue F3 generation ctpk. She
is a sister of the steelblue CTPK which Jamie got for his own project.

The fries wasn´t big enough to show them in Frechen, but on one of
the next shows I can present a part of them. It will be a surprise.
I can say only that I have Longfins and shortfins in this spawn, and the
most of them are females in different colours.

male import from Bettahut - Malaysia (picture by Bettahut)

steelblue CTPK female F3 (own spawn)

one young female of this spawn - 2,5 month old!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Change ctpk in the future?

Hi all,
a part of us change ctpk between the breeders, to get better results and have more
possibilities. Outside our countries we need transshipper which manage this for us.
In Germany we have in the moment two transshipper.
How it looks in your home country?
To send fishes in other countries is normal very expansive with special agencies
which have the licence to send live fishes. Any idea how we can handle this in the

Best regards

New fishes for my project (Dino47)

Hi all,
Last weekend I met Jamie (Doxxy or parradox error) in Frechen on the international
Betta show. I got a sister pair of this spawn. I gave him last year a steelblue ctpk
male in Arcen to start his own ctpk project. Now I got a pair of one of his spawns
back to work with them. Iam so happy to see what I got out.


This female I got from Joep van Esch (joepmaster) She is from
BT110711 spawn.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Copper CTPK F5 spawn (Dino47)

Hi all,
the last spawn was only a little step forward, I get a better anal fin, but the
caudale is not realy better. So it is time to go a new way. At the moment
I made a outcross. For this you find a seperate thread in this blog.
Because I haven´t the time for breeding,I lost the most fries, so I have
only a handfull youngsters of

youngsters F5

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First ctpk class on a Betta show in Europe

Hi all,
Iam happy that we had this weekend on a international Betta show in Germany
enough ctpk and breeder to create a special ctpk class. I think it was a good
start for shows in the future.
The winner was our ctpk friend Doxxy with a royalblue ctpk. Congratulation
my friend. ;)


The winner fish

other ctpk from the class