Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Important Infos

Hi Members,
all signed up members can write comments to each post in this blog. Members with
author status can write comments and they can make her own posts with pictures
for example. It will be great when all authors will post her CTPK lines and spawns
and share their pictures with us.
So we have in the future a lot of material for discussions and can help us with
experiances and ideas. I think we all have good chances to get CTPK in show
quality in the future. It is great to have you in this blog.

Greetings and luck for the future
Axel alias Dino47
Member of EHBBC & IBC

Monday, June 27, 2011

My meaning to Dino47 CopperCTPK F4

red copper is a very nice color (btw, it's one of my favorite), the webbing reduction is good enough...only problem is the length of fins...i don't know what to say...if you already have F4, maybe it's time for an outcross???

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Copper CTPK Line F4 (Dino47)

Hi all,
parallel to my other ctpk lines I got the next generation. Now it is the F4 generation.
they are different big in this moment, but I have time enough to start with a part of
them in Arcen. The special in this line is the fact, that I got Copper, CopperRed,
CopperGoldRed and I think GoldCopper, but Iam not sure. A part of the CopperRed
have big problems in the finnage. Specially the dorsal is to big and the caudal to small.
But the membran reduction is not bad. I don´t know what I shall do. Any idea?

Greetings Axel

Steelblue CTPK Line F4

Hi friends,
the steelblue line was starting in the next round. Now I have the F4 generation. But this
generation give me a lot of surprises. Now I have MG in this line, too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Fishes

On the international IBC Show Dortmund I bought one F2 CTPK female from Matthias Polzin
(Germany), and got a halfbrother of the female us present from Markus Bache (Germany). I
will see that I make a own line or shall I cross them in my lines?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BlackBlueLaceRed Linie F4

You can say Multicolour, too, but there are different colouring in this spawn. The
start of this line you can see in my post The Beginning
Now I have the F4 generation, I am not satisfied, because I had expected more.
The problem was that the sire was not the best. The quality specially the males is
very different.

father (own spawn)

 mother (own spawn)

youngsters of the spawn 3,5 months old

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Invitation to all CTPK Breeder

Hi CTPK fans,
I will invite all international CTPK breeder to work with me together in this blog.
When you breed CTPK and a member of this blog, you can give comments.
Members with Author status get the possibility to share pictures of her own ctpk
with us on this place and can make own threads. We can make discussions and
change experiences. I am waiting for you!!!!

Axel alias Dino47

Friday, June 17, 2011

Steelblue CTPK Line

Hi all,
I start this line with a pair of Plakats with CT geno, which I got from a Betta friend. It was not easy like in the other lines, but in the F3 Generation I got a part of Betta which looks like CTPK.

Now the F4 Generation is growing. But here I take a female which was not from this line. Until yet its looking good that I can show a part of them in Arcen.

Best regards
Axel (Dino47)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Copper CTPK Line

Hi all,
last year I got the idea, to make a spawn between a trad. PK Copper Red which I got from my Betta friend Black Sea, and one copper CT female with PK geno, which was from one other Betta friend from Germany.

Here I had a little bit different situation like my starter line. In the first generation I had two shortfins inside,
but without membran reduction. But all were copper without red in the finnage.

In the F3 generation I had the first success. I got Betta which looks like really CTPK. With a lot of errors but Iam happy.

Now the F4 genaration is growing, and I hope to can show a part of them in Arcen, too.

Axel (Dino47)

My Beginning

Hi all,
two years ago I saw a first picture of a awsome Betta with shortfins, but they looked like a Crowntail. I didn´t know the name of this breeding form and search by internet for this. I need a long time to start a project like this. Than I got a CT male from a friend for spawning (Breeder: Korwhord - Thailand), and I had a blacklace PK female to start.

The first two generations were a desaster, and in the F3 I had the first Betta which looks like shortfins, but not with the best reduction in the fins.

The 4 generation is growing, and I hope to get them big enough for Arcen in August. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Axel (Dino47)

Welcome to CTPK Project

Hi together,
I had a dream to spawn Crowntail Plakat. Last year I start my project paralell to my other spawns of show plakats. Now I have a new dream. I will give all CTPK breeder a place where they can talk with other CTPK fans, to get tips, change knowlege and why not CTPK youngsters.

I hope you like my idea and we have a good time and success with our ctpk lines.

Axel (Dino47)