Monday, May 21, 2012

CTPK FRY 3 Months and 10 days

Males with big fins f1

My selected couple to do f2

Females not yet full grow.


Rui M.

Next plan (Dino47)

Hi all,
next weekend I start my next ctpk spawn. For this I take no sibblings.
The male will be from Jamie. This male is a brother of the 1st place
in Frechen, and from his RoyalBlue CTPK
The female will be a F1 from one of my own spawns. Based father
a steelblue PK (CT geno) from Markus Bache (Germany) and
a copper CTPK female which was F3 from my own spawn.

My plan:
I will see if I get on this way better reduction in the caudal fin, and hope
short Anal fins like this male with better reduction between the rays.

male F1 Breeder: James King (Tschech.)

female F3 own spawn

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A look in the grow-out.........

My Fry Food Experience

I would just like to share to everyone my experience. I had difficulty raising my CT x HMPK fry due to the fact that they are smaller than usual. I moved from BBS and resorted to feeding them MW.

The MW have done their trick. After a week, the fry are big enough to be given BBS on both meals.

So, I think we should not entirely avoid MW but rather maintain a small culture for some of those quite problematic spawns.

Happy Betta Keeping!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Best fry food

Hi friends,
I think the best food for fries are live BBS and freshwater rotifers. And I had a special
micro granulat with high protein level. I changed the food every day when I have
enough in reserve. Micro Worms (MW) I took a lot of time ago, but since a part of
my betta friends had problems with fries which got only MW, I cancel this.

Best regards

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CTPK of the month - May 2012

Hi all,more and more breeder around the world are working with CTPK. Special the fishs
which I saw from breeder which are from Vietnam, show us in international
Betta communities his spawn success. Now I will start every month with a special
ctpk, which show us what possible and arrived until yet.
When you have informations about such ctpk please post them in the next months.

This fancy ctpk show us a really awesome combination of body and finnage.
Special the caudale show us a great reduction between the rays and the other
fins are great too. I hope to get ctpk in this quality in my spawns soon. Of course
he is not perfect but not so far away, this is my opinion.
Great job Le Anh Tuan!!!!!!

Grizzle CTPK male from Breeder: Le Anh Tuan/Doubletail (Vietnam)

picture by Le Anh Tuan/Doubletail

Surprise Project (Dino47) update

Hi all,
a little update. I had seperate the spawn and the most of them are females.
In this spawn I have only 5 males. The biggest surprise are not the colours,
but how it looks I get better results in the caudale than my other projects.
So Iam looking possitiv forward, to get show quality ctpk in the future.
The parents

young male (2,5 months)

young females (2,5 months)