Thursday, June 16, 2011

Copper CTPK Line

Hi all,
last year I got the idea, to make a spawn between a trad. PK Copper Red which I got from my Betta friend Black Sea, and one copper CT female with PK geno, which was from one other Betta friend from Germany.

Here I had a little bit different situation like my starter line. In the first generation I had two shortfins inside,
but without membran reduction. But all were copper without red in the finnage.

In the F3 generation I had the first success. I got Betta which looks like really CTPK. With a lot of errors but Iam happy.

Now the F4 genaration is growing, and I hope to can show a part of them in Arcen, too.

Axel (Dino47)


  1. Hi Rui,
    a part of the F4 you see in the Post Copper CTPK F4 line, and
    F5 is on start. But they are not so much fries. Only 10 not more.


  2. Im found a ct with finage redcuction, in a friend, he said its full ct cross but the male and female were imported.

    I think it has some pk on it, ill post it later wen he is ok now he is stressed.

    For your aproval to use it to breeder.

    Rui M.

  3. Hi Rui,
    great news. I hope it will bring you with ctpk forward.