Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some new little ones from my F4


  1. Great direction!
    I like the first fish better.


  2. The first one comes from my pure line (brother x sister for four generations) and derives from the PK BOS at the HBS2010 and a red CT female from Abdul Sahal. Here a photo of the gran gran granpa male

    The second one is a cross between one of my F3 females with the 1st classified CTPK male at the HBS2012 that was bred by Jiri and comes from Joep's line.

    They have several brothers and I will take more photos.

    Among the brothers of the first fish the problem I foresee is that the rays are not strong and tend to curl and the length of the fins is excessive.

    The second ones tend to be too dark for my taste and they have long anal fins but the rays are strong and some brothers are more compact and balanced.

    I hope to be able to work with these two lines and combine the best traits. With red CTPK is very difficult to keep a compact finnage and strong rays but I will try. If someone is interested I have several young couples to give away.

  3. Amazing! Your line came from such solid lines!


  4. Hello Eugenio,
    at first welcome official to this special blog, and thanks
    for your thread and share these pictures with us.
    My personal favorite is male no.2. He is looking great and
    have a lot of potencial for breeding.
    But how it looks you have made a great job and take a big
    step forward. How many youngsters you have in this spawn?
    Hope we see and read more in the future?

    Best wishes

  5. One short video of one of the most compact males (copy the link in your browser):

    I jarred something like 20 males, I will take pictures when they are fully grown, in one month or so. They are in that phase when they look really good but fins are still growing and you never know how they will end up...