Thursday, April 4, 2013

CTPK breeding gone sour

Hey guys...

I have been having problems with my ctpk project recently. The F2 male wouldn't have a good spawn. Eggs always fungus.

I might have to start from scratch again. Producing CTPK of my own would take longer. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I think I would do the same approach I did. I will use a DTPK and a CT

Here's my plan
F1a = DTPK (related to the CT female, sharing the same grandmother) x CT (F2 female)
F1b = "DTPK x ctpk-geno outcross" x CT (F2 female)

Sorry to keep you waiting...


  1. So im intrested in ctpk so i came accross your blog for int. ctpk project...I gather everybody started from "scratch" if you will, im so new im still trying to see how to blog so i can show you what i id like to see what you are doing to create a non dragon scale ctpk...i think i came to the right place!! now EESDA ..why do you have a fungus issue? when I get one of "those " spawns im told to hit with Meth-blue to help slow progress of fungus on eggs. Good luck wish you well.

    1. I see fungus not as a water problem but as a result of a parenting problem. I also don't like using meds so I don't have any around.

  2. hi guys, i am aliff form malaysia, just call me am developing ctpk since 2012, my aim is to developed black copper dragon ctpk line, i had follow this blog since early 2012.i would like to share my ctpk spawn with you guys in this blog.i would like to join you guys in developing nice ctpk.

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